Knight Wagner Mortgage Co., Inc.
4745 Nicholas Point Drive
Grove City, OH 43123
phone: 614-899-9919
fax: 614-899-9190
Mortgage Broker Number: MB 802616 UI 219001

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Necessary Documents for Mortgage Processing

  Fully executed purchase contract for the home being purchased.

  Contract of sale on present home and HUD-1 settlement statement when closed.

  Names of all mortgage lenders for the past 12 months for all real estate owned with account numbers and addresses for the loan servicing departments placed on the application under liabilities.

  Current landlord's name, address and phone number placed on loan application under current liabilities if currently renting.

  Employment paystubs for the last 30 days. Be aware of salaries, any other income used for qualifying purposes and names, addresses and phone numbers for all employers for the previous 2 years. For sales and commissioned based applicants we require the previous 2 years of completed federal tax returns with all schedules.

  Previous 2 years of W-2's or K-1's (if bonus, corporate or partnership), year to date profit and loss statement prepared by a third party.

  Listing of liquid assets, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other investments to place on loan application under assets with account numbers and current balances. To document funds needed for closing and to show two months of house payments in reserve please provide your last 3 months of statements for support.

  Listing of all debts (including mortgage lenders) with minimum monthly payments and balances to place on loan application under liabilities.

  Addresses of other real estate owned and leases if applicable.

  College diploma or transcript if student within the last 2 years.

  If obligated to pay alimony/child support, proof and history of payment along with a copy of divorce decree and separation agreement.

  If a company equity buyout is involved we require an executed agreement with the equity buyout company and settlement statement when closed.

  Copy fo company relocation benefits and any checks being advanced.

  Copy of title insurance policy (if less than 10 years old) and survey for refinances.

  Application fee to cover appraisal and credit report. Please call for an estimate.